The Twisted Swan & Temple of Bacchus Burning Man theme camps…

So, you’ve heard of the Twisted Swan Celtic Pub, and enjoyed the Temple of Bacchus sipping wine in the shade under our misting station, and now you’ve found us.

Are you considering camping with us at Burning Man?

Here’s what you need to know.

We are part of the Village of Polyamory Paradise, so you have to have an open minded and be accepting of all lifestyle choices, which will lead to you to a variety of amazing people.

We act as the bar and lounge for them, and share their kitchen, shade structure and amenities. There are about 60 of us and 240 poly campers (a good number of us European), so we have quite a variety of people to meet.

Browse our blog below to see a few of our events.

The Swan will have theme nights for it’s pub, and is our gift to the playa.

Browse, email us with any questions, and enjoy.